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iamsick.ca Online Appointment Booking

Designed for Canadian primary care clinics:

  • Rostered Primary Care Clinics

  • FHT (Family Health Teams)

  • FHG (Family Health Groups)

  • FHN (Family Health Networks)

  • After-hours Access

  • Walk-in Clinics

  • FHO (Family Health Organizations)

  • Solo Physicians

  • CHC (Community Health Centres)

  • Advanced Access


Who can use the iamsick.ca e-Booking platform?

Healthcare Professionals use the iamsick.ca e-Booking platform to manage their practice.

Clinic Management

Reduce no-shows, time spent managing phone calls, and improve clinic efficiency with valuable analytics.

EMR Integration

iamsick.ca e-Booking was designed to integrate with clinic workflows & software. Appointments booked online can effortlessly appear in your scheduler.

Best Practice

Improve after-hours access, same-day/next-day bookings, and patient experience.

Patients use the iamsick.ca e-Booking platform to manage their time and schedule.


Book appointments on your own time. Online booking is available 24/7. All it takes is an iamsick.ca account.

Healthcare Journey

Let iamsick.ca simplify your healthcare journey. From finding healthcare providers to booking appointments and spending less time in waiting rooms.

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Rostered Primary Care Clinics

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Primary Care Walk-in Clinics

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Toronto, Ottawa, Niagara Region, Barrie, Hamilton

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Available for rostered primary care clinics, physician housecalls, pharmacies and walk-in primary care clinics in Canada